How much plastic have you eaten this week? 

PLASTIC PEOPLE explores the story of synthetic plastics, their influence on consumer culture, the planet and our health, and how the design and art industries can help create circular systems that challenge destructive linear thinking.    

The recent studies on plastics and human health are alarming. They have revealed that plastics are polluting our inner worlds – our lungs, our blood, the placentas of our unborn children. The long-term repercussions of this remain unknown.        

Spanning multiple physical- and digital-world elements such as NFTs, physical sculptures, Space Available product installations and PLASTIC PEOPLE dives into the gifts and curses of plastic as a material over the decades in an effort to create awareness around modern waste culture and the impacts of plastic on our health. 

This project is about making space for nature. 100% of its profits will go towards the creation of Space Available’s new recycling facility in Java – an area listed as the second-worst plastic polluter in the world. Our facility will be built and operated in partnership with the Robries recycling team.