Space Available x Alex Olson

We joined forces with pro-skater, entrepreneur and music producer Alex Olson to recycle and redesign plastic trash and waste fabrics in a bid to rescue orangutans and replant trees in Indonesia.

Together, we created a line of t-shirts made from upcycled factory offcuts and a bottle-holder and sun hat made from recycled plastic rope and bamboo, hand-woven by Balinese artist Nano Uhero. 


We feel strongly about transforming waste plastics and waste textiles into new circular materials – removing them from the environment to create products with longevity, character and purpose. 

It’s estimated that the fashion industry generates 92 million tonnes of textile waste per year. This waste often ends up burned or in landfills, damaging our earth and air. In an effort to change this, we chose to create a collection out of factory off-cut textiles and post-industrial plastic waste. The textiles and packing waste we use are collected from Jakarta and other parts of Java. Each t-shirt is made of waste-textile. Each sun hat prevents plastic from becoming waste. Each bottle holder equals plastic given a new purpose. 

We believe in making space for nature. 20% of the profits from this collection are donated to our official partners, The Sumatran Orangutan Society, helping regenerate Indonesian forests and protect endangered orangutans. 


This project is the result of the skills, ideas and passions of many creative minds. 

We worked closely with Alex Olson, who is based in the US, to develop the concept behind this collection, ensuring each product leaves a positive imprint on the Earth. 

Bali-based artist Nano Uhero hand-weaves every bottle-holder and sun-hat in his personal studio. Having the opportunity to create these products on a global scale has allowed Nano to invite more weavers into his space and revive this particular practice of weaving for a new generation. 

Materials: Post-industrial plastic rope and ethically-sourced bamboo; upcycled cotton and broken twill
Source: Java, Indonesia
Produced in Bali, Indonesia

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